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    Arabic Text in TextInput in Flash Builder 4.5.1




      I am currently developing a mobile application that is supposed to work on both Android and iOS devices. I am supposed to display arabic text and also to take arabic text input from the user. While I was trying to display simple output and input components I faced a problem with the TextInput. Please note the following:


      -The TextInput component displays the arabic text in reversed order and the characters are disjoint.

      -The label component does not have this problem and it accepts and displays the arabic text correctly.

      -An embedded font was added

      -The problem exists on both IPad and Galaxy Tab however the IPad displays the text correctly while typing (before loosing the focus on the TextInput). On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab displays the text in a wrong way both while typing and on focus out. However, the suggested words (above the keyboard in the Galaxy tab) are shown correctly.


      Please check the snapshots below.


      From Ipad:


      IMG_0041.PNG IMG_0042.PNG




      Thank you.