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    'Print on both sides of paper' in Adobe Reader 10.1.2 + DFS shares....




      After the latest update a new print dialog is available which includes the option to 'Print on both sides of the paper'. Our printer (available via a print server in a Windows domain environment), is capable of printing duplexed copies of documents but is configured to default to not use duplex. When the option to do this from the Adobe Reader print dialog is selected the printer driver overides it and the document is printed normally (not duplexed).


      Is there a way to hide this option? We often need to print duplexed copies of documents but usually set it in the print driver when it is needed. Because the option is being overidden it has the potential to create an enormous amount of wasted paper and toner and will increase our printing costs.


      Also, when V10 was released, trying to open pdf's located in DFS share paths caused the program to hang. The solution was to disable protected mode. I tried enabling protected mode after this update (and previous updates), and restarted the application but instead of hanging, Adobe Reader now displays a message box stating:


      There was an error opening this document. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.


      If I disable protected mode and restart Adobe Reader the document can be opened.


      Any help appreciated.