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    How to use F4V Files with Premiere 5.5


      Hey all,


      I work at a small company that does live streaming of video. We are experimenting with new HD cameras and have found that our best results for streaming has been to use h.264. We are having fantastic results with this, however, Using Flash Meda Live Encoder the end result is an .f4v file. I don't have much experience with this variation of .flv, but I'm honestly finding it quite useless.


      I understand that you don't typically edit this type of file, that it is in a sense working backwards. However, our situation is that our streaming quality is highest when we use this format. Obviously, I am unable to get this file into premiere to edit it. I'm actualy unable to play it virtually anywhere as well (moyea converter, moyea flv player, vlc...nothing plays it).


      Does anyone have any suggestions as far as where to go from here? I know there is probably a lot more info required for anyone to give me some feedback, so let me know what you need to know about our equipment/settings and I'll supply it.


      Thanks for the help!