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    Simple login script fails in EI 7

    newportri Level 1

      I have been using this simple login script (action page shown) for years- it now fails in IE 7 but works fine in Firefox?

      <CFQUERY name="auth_cso" datasource="cso.mdb">
      SELECT user_pw, user_ID
      FROM user
      WHERE user_pw = '#Form.user_pw#'

      <CFIF auth_cso.RecordCount EQ 0 >

      <title>Incorrect Password</title>

      <font face="Arial, Helvtica" color="navy">
      <h3><img src="images/50_alert_icon.jpg" width="50" height="46" alt="" border="0">  Incorrect Password</h3>

      <p><a href="login.cfm">Please Try Again</a></p>

      <cfset Session.user_id = auth_cso.user_pw>
      <cflocation url="edit.cfm">


      Could this be caused by some settings in IE?

      Running CF8 Server.

      Thanks for any help with this!