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    Green highlight box appearing on the quiz submit button


      Hi all,


      There is an unusual green highlight box appearing on my quiz slide when I roll my mouse over the 'submit' button (on the published version). This has never happened before, please help!

      Screenshot below



      Thanks for your help.



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          VideoPep Level 2



          When you move button on a Question slide then please make sure you move button parent area don't move internal  content of the button.

          So, when we hover mouse on button then "Green background color" is used to depict OnFocus. Now if you move button content then hover area will be complete parent button area.


          Please see attached screenshot to better understand.



          So, in present question slide please move internal content of button in correct position or delete this Question slide and ad new question slide and move parent button area to change button position.


          Let me know if this solve the problem.