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    Robohelp Server 7.0 vs Robohelp  Desktop version

      hi there,

      We have to write help files for our various products.

      What are the major difference in server and desktop version. Precisely, i am looking for anwers of :

      1. can we create independent (does not look for robohelp server to get data) executable files (.exe, .htm) so that we can link it to our application software.

      2. if we buy RoboHelp Desktop, then what are we MISSING...if we buy robohelp server

      thanks for your expert knowledge sharing in advance.

      Rohit Kumar
      Decision Support Specialist.

      Toronto Rehab Institute
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Rohit.

          RoboHelp 7 client (or desktop) is the tool used to produce the help documentation output files. It allows numerous output types to be generated, one of which is Webhelp Pro. Webhelp is designed to be located on a server, website or intranet. Webhelp Pro is a version of Webhelp designed specifically for the RoboHelp 7 Server product.

          RoboHelp 7 Server takes Webhelp Pro output and publishes it to a server. It's main advantages are that it allows you to produce reports of the usage of the help to identify its usefulness. It also allows you to include standalone files and make them searchable to the user. This includes PDFs, HTM and MS Office files but not .EXE files. To be honest I can't see what could usefully be included in a .EXE file that would be useful to a user of the help.

          So in summary, you need a copy of RoboHep 7 to produce your help output (Webhelp Pro) and a copy of RoboHep 7 Server to publish the help to the Server and get the usage/search capabilities. If you don't want these capabilities you can do without RoboHelp 7 Server and still publish Webhelp output to a server.

          BTW I'd remove your email address from your post if I was you. If you don't you'll be offered all sorts of additional (non-RH) advice involving parts of your anatomy, world peace and financial well being.
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            bhagatrohit Level 1
            thanks very much.
            It was detailed enough to get the idea.