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    Protection fails on a PDF with attachment


      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to protect a PDF with RMS and I am getting this error:


      2012-01-12 15:33:19,086 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.edc.sdk.SDKException message:encryptUsingPolicy: Cannot encrypt a signed PDF -- (error code bin: 777, hex: 0x309) -- (error code bin: 777, hex: 0x309) while invoking service RightsManagementService and operation protectDocument and no fault routes were found to be configured.


      The file is not signed neither has any security handler on it. Below are the properties of the file.

      The only thing thing that is special with this file is that it has an attachment (a small config file) - see in picture. Is this causing the problem to LC ?




      Thank you