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    Best printer for minimal work for wedding invitations?


      I own a wedding invitations business and while I source out most everything to professional printers, I would like to be able to print some little things at home such as envelopes, drink flags, small signage. I am having trouble finding the correct printer for my needs.


      Last night I purchased an Epson R2000, got it home and was unable to print envelopes on it. There were streaks continuosly on the page. Even when I printed an 8.5 x 11 invitation suite just to proof, the quality did not look that great. So, I am wondering if the Epson R2000 was too much printer to purchase since I do not need to print photography on it.


      Does any one have any suggestions? Also, inkjet or laser? I am Mac user with Illustrator, InDesign, etc.