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    mac computer - acsm ticket won't work in ADE - tried everything - can you please help me?


      I have a Mac OSX10.7 apple computer.   If anyone can help it would be appreciated as I have already tried many avenues to find the answer.  My acsm ticket will not open my ebook in Adobe Digital Edition.  I have an adobe id, have downloaded adobe digital edition, my computer is authorized with the right email address, same one as the adobe id.  Then I downloaded an ebook from a public library.  The acsm ticket shows up in my computer's Downloads.  The ADE is in the Applications folder. 

      When I double click on the acsm ticket in the computer downloads folder, it opens up the ADE app, but nothing happens from there (the ebook does not appear in the ADE,  nor does the ACSM ticket appear). Even if I open the ADE, click  "add item to library", I can find the computer Downloads folder, but the acsm download is greyed out, so I cannot choose it and click on it.  This is the problem.  I cannot figure out why? 

      My computer does not have the firewall enabled (I have checked this in my system preferences).  I have adobe flash installed according to my system preferences also. 

      An Adobe tech confirmed that the ADE was working because I can open an EPUB sample book from a website that is not using an acsm ticket.  Anyone with some helpful information?