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    keyboard/mouse shortcut for brush size




      I use a  keyboard/mouse shortcut for changing size and hardness of my brush tool: 'CTRL + ALT +  left mouse click'. If I then move with my mouse horizontally or vertically, size and hardness can be modified (during this, a red dot appears where my cursor is, indicating size and hardness).


      My problem: from time to time, my cursur makes a 'jump' after I used this shortcut, so that my cursor indicator does not correspond anymore to the place where I'm actually brushing (it's a an inch or so away from it). If I then want to select another tool (left side of the screen), I also cannot press the other tool buttons (again, because cursor indicator and actual cursor location do not correspond). Only when I move my cursor  even further 'off the screen', the cursor makes another jump so that I can select other tool buttons (cursor indicator and actual cursor location are the same again). Same happens when I want to select functions via the menu on the upper side of the screen (e.g. saving a file).


      Does anyone know why this happens?


      Thanks a lot,