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    Hyperlink issue within "interactive" pdf. One page, 2 items on page..Help!

    npcsantamonica Level 1

      This, in theory seems like a simple quetion...I am using indesign CS5. My goal is to export an simple interactive pdf. There are 2 items on one page - one logo,(which is a button) one copy block (that is also a button) that will remain hidden until the logo is clicked. The copy block contains one hyperlink. Upon export of interactive pdf, I am clicking the prompt that asks for all buttons and media to retain. When I open the pdf, I see the logo, when I hover over it, it has the glow I added, when I click the logo the copy box appears like it is supposed to...but my hyperlink within the copy block DOES NOT WORK. I have been told that it is impossible for a hyperlink to work within an interactive pdf. IS THIS CORRECT??

      When I export to a flat print pdf, hyperlinks hold, but the goal here is some level of "interactivity."  Thoughts??