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    user manual / disc 5 "Content"

    milly molly muffin eater

      Hi, just installed APE10


      1) Is there a user manual available anywhere?  I can't find anything useful on the net; and the installed help only goes up to APE 8.


      2) What is "content" disc 5 for?  I tried unsuccessfully to install - couldn't find a .exe



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The additional content is important to install. It includes dozens of disc templates, title templates and themes. You really do want to install it.


          If you poke around on the main installation disc, you should find a PDF of the user manual. There's also a pretty thorough Help file. There are also lots of tutorials via the Inspiration Browser on Photoshop.com, so be sure to sign up for it too.


          And if you want a simple, step by step guide to all of the tools in the program, there's always my books.


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            nealeh Level 5

            Disk 1: PSE10 and PRE10 for Windows (32-bit)

            Disk 2: PSE10 and PRE10 for Windows 7 (64-bit)

            Disk 3: PSE10 and PRE 10 for Mac OS

            Disk 4: Content for all Windows versions

            Disk 5: Content for MAC OS


            Are you installing on a Mac ? If not then it's Disk 4 you need to install to get the additional content.


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