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    Edit Digital ID Email Addy


      I just realized the email address I've been using for my digital ID in Acrobat 8 for the past two years is misspelled and I do not know how to correct it (I always saw "my_email_address@gmai..."  because the column was cut-off/not wide enough, so I thought nothing of it, and then the other day I expanded the column for the first time and noticed that it was misspelled, "my_email_address@gmai.com" - the 'L' in gmail is missing)

      I went to Edit>Preferences>Identity and made the correction there and also Advanced>Security Settings>My Digital ID>Usage Options>Personalize, however, when I go to sign a document and click on the "Digital Identification" button/picture to open the Certificate Viewer to view the certificate details, it still has my email address misspelled.


      So is there any way to correct this, or do I have to delete this digital ID and create a new one?