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    Page numbering with Book feature


      I have recently created a book in InDesign with 5 four-page documents in it.

      Right now I have the 1st document set to 'Start Page Numbering' on page 7.

      So, the first document is pages 7-10. And the following documents are in order, 11-14, 15-18, etc...


      When I use the Book palette and open the 'Document Numbering Options...' for the first document and I tell the pages to start with page 9, instead of 7, that document updates the page numbering.

      However the page numbering in the following documents does not update. I have made sure to select 'Continue from Previous Document'  in the Book Page Numbering Options preferences, and also selected update all Page numbers.


      Why won't the page numbering update in all of the documents in the Book?


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          The Section numbering in one, or all of, your documents may have gotten stuck to "Start Page Numbering at: (original number)", instead of "Automatic Page Numbering".


          I spotted this fairly recently while doing some last minute corrections -- none of the editors of that journal noticed the page numbering jumped from p.300 to p.331 from one article to the next.