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    PSD files will not print from Photoshop CS4 (previously posted in Acrobat printing and prepress)

    Dr Craig

      My questions are: Does the PSD file have the printer information encoded?

      Also why has this just started to show up? My wife has work successfully under the same conditions, files moved and printed on different printers, with no problems in the past.


      I (we) have been struggling with a recent problem trying to print PSD files from Photoshop CS4. (Vista 32 bit, Epson 3880 networked) When trying to print certain, but not all, PSD files I get the message: "Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer." I have been in contact with Adobe support about the issue but with little in the way of positive results. I was referred to a kb link: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/409/kb409119.html Tried all that to no avail. (The first suggestion is absurd to the point of making me wonder what process is used to construct the kbs. You cannot open the print menu when you get this message so....?)


      Other solutions are not acceptable for the work my wife is doing, editing high quality photographs for an exhibition with test prints and so on. We are under intense time pressue with four shows coming up in a very short time. The final solution offered is that CS5 has solved all of this. Hum? interesting. No comment except new program, new problems so not a real solution for us.


      In searching the web about this problem I have come across many other people with the same problem working from different platforms and even different Adobe products. I noticed that the MAC OS seemed to cause the same problem and that there was a problem with Reader and Acrobat. In every case the problem is never solved by Adobe or anyone else and users find some "workaround". I too have found what we hope is a workaround in our contiued travels on the blogosphere, on flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/wellington/discuss/72157621548183001/ as "...a nasty, nasty solution" but we skipped the flatten part and the GIMP part and resave the PSD under a different name.


      Adobe does seem supportive but not that interested (CS4 right) but I would like to find a real solution and I think many people would benefit from it.


      Anyway what I have found is that the PSD files that will not print have been printed on another printer at some time in the past. In my case the Printer was an Epson Artisan A50. The printer we are using now is the Epson Stylus Pro 3880. Even when trying to print wirelessly to the 3880 from the laptop (Was Vista, now Windows 7) that was used to edit and print with the A50, (USB connection) we saw the same error. So it seems that the printer information is somehow embedded in the PSD file (also mentioned in a Blog) and is keeping PS from seeing the printer because the same printer is not there.


      Has anybody already found the fix?


      I know this is a long post but I have been working on this problem and have heard all of the pat and frankly useless answers and workarounds. Can we find a solution and fix the problem?