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    Epson Stylus CX9400 - Cannot print in black ink only


      I cannot print in black ink only on my CX9400 printer.  My OS is Windows 7.  I've never had this problem before, and it only happens with pdf documents.  Please adivse me how to correct this problem.  Thank you.

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          sonal2890 Adobe Employee

          Dear user BVILLE22,


          In 10.1.2, we have intentionally removed the option 'Print color as Black' from the print dialog due to its incorrect behaviour of converting all text to black. The correct one is to print it as Grayscale and for doing so, you can follow the two below mentioned methods:


          Method 1:

          1. Select your printer and click on its properties button.

          2. Search for option 'Print in Grayscale', which is provided at different location for different printers. One I am attaching for reference is under 'Color' tab of printer properties

          Grayscale printing.png

          3. Click ok and then print.


          Method 2:

          1. Select your printer.

          2. click on Advance button.

          3.Select Color management section -> 'Working Gray' as color profile.

          4. click ok and then print.


          Hope this will solve your problem.




          Adobe Systems