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    Is there some way to get a transparent background for text, and to vary text color from black/white?


      By the question you can obviously tell that I'm a newbie to InDesign. I have an album cover project that I'm working on, and the printer says that Photoshop output will be rasterized, and that InDesign is preferable for clarity. However, in Photoshop it's simple to superimpose text on a graphic where the background of the text is transparent, so the graphic shows through, and it's also easy to change the text color if you like.


      Changing the opacity of the fill even slghtly in a text box in InDesign appears to degrade the quality of the text substantially . Am I doing something wrong, and is there some way around this to acheive a transparent background? And also, does text need to be only gradients of black and white, and no other colors?


      I'd appreciate anyone who can take the time to answer what's probably something obvious to most of you.