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    Adobe Drive won't run Custom UI SWF

    Rich Schafer Level 1

      I am trying to add a custom check in dialog to Drive  I copied the code from the thread "Custom check in dialog" and compiled it into a SWF.  I placed the SWF into the resources folder and have verified that the URL passed back in the response is a valid URL.  However, the additional fields are not showing up in the Drive check in dialog.  Currently I am only including a static mx:Label in the Module just to see if something will appear.  I am not passing any context info.


      I am currently using Flex 3.5, but have also tried 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 & 3.6.  No errors are showing up in the CS5ServiceManager_java.log file.  Is there another log file or logging level that I can enable to see what's going on?



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          Gang_Z Level 2



          I think you can try the following ways in Flex builder 3 or Flash builder 4 on Windows


          1) Put a placehoder file named Debug aligned with Bridge or PS, AI, InDesign executable file

          2) Create a empty Flex web application for Debugging.

          3) In the Run/Debug setting, create a new configuration, then do the following in it

          • Disable the "default" checkbox URL or path to launch
          • Change the value of fields below (Debug, Profile, Run) to: about:blank
          • Then hit the Debug button to start the debugger (the browser which will be launched can be closed)

          4) Launch AD and do check-in operation in Bridge or PS, AI, InDesign

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            Rich Schafer Level 1

            Thanks for the tip!  When I executed a check in from InDesign, the debugger attached to CS5ServiceManager\plugins\com.adobe.drive.ui.scripting_2.0.0\resources\BatchSaveVersion.s wf.  As I said before, I have debugged my GetCustomCheckInUIHandler and it is setting a non-null URL in response.setModuleURL.  When I log the URL it looks like: "bundleresource://46.fwk4354460:6/CheckInUI.swf".   This leads me to believe there is something wrong with the way I am building my SWF.  I've look through the documentation and I don't see anything that documents how to setup FlashBuilder project to properly build the module SWF.  It seems pretty basic, but is there something I could be missing?

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              Rich Schafer Level 1

              I got the UI to show up.  I changed the name of my onCreationComplete method from "onCreationComplete" to "checkin_onCreationComplete".