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    Odd Tab Behavior in InDesign CS5

    Clay the Turtle

      I've used CS2 for quite a few years now, but decided it was time to upgrade to CS5. Doing so in the middle of a big book layout project was PROBABLY not the best idea.


      Essentially, I have laid out a document in this fashion:


      The headings are set 0.0" to the left of the column


      The body text is set to 0.05" from the left side of the column by using the indent marker on the left side of the tabs window. (The stacked double-arrow thing)


      I have created a tab stop for paragraphs to begin at 0.15" from the left. I did this instead of a pragraph indent because I wish for the first paragraph to be flush with the left of the rest of the text.


      This worked just fine under CS2, but when I open the document in CS5, the tab character mysteriously DOES NOT INDENT the text for no reason I can understand. Even more oddly, if I adjust the body text indent to another number, say, 0.0525", the tab indent miraculously works...but ONLY for the left hand column. The right hand column, even adjusted, will never show the indent.


      Also, even if I set the tab stop to something ridulous, like 1", all it accomplishes is making the line of the paragraph with the tab indent really stranglely justified, like:


      A           word              and            spaces


      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


      A screenshot of the issue: http://www.wiseturtle.com/InDesignTabs.gif


      Thanks in advance,



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There are occasional reports of oddities when converting legacy docs to CS5. Export from  the original version to .inx and open that in CS5, save as a new file with a new name (don't overwrite the old files -- there's no way for you to go back) and build a new Book in CS5.


          As far as the indents, the correct way to handle this would be to make edit the body paragraph style to lose the tab and use a first line indent (you can use the GREP expression ^\t to find leading tabs and replace with nothing in the GREP Find/Change iin CS5), then make a second style for the first paragraph based onthe body style, but without the fisrt line indent, then sect the next style for that to the body style.

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            Clay the Turtle Level 1

            Ah, I see. Unfortunately, I have already saved over the file, having at first not realized thet tabs issue until it was too late. If I start over, is it possible to copy text, or even boxes, from the "broken" file to a new file? Or will this copy over the messed up data? Is there any other way to update the file properly?


            Also, I have other files I need to edit soon. I no longer have access to CS2...is there any other way to convert these to .inx first?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Copying damaged data is probably not going to help. Try exporting all the individual documents to .idml, then open those and save with new names (don't overwrite again) and build a new book. You might get lucky.


              If that doesn't work, try exporting a file to either RTF or ID Tagged Text (put the text cursor in a story someplace WITHOUT making a slection and the text export options will show up in the dialog to export wahtever story has the cursor in it). Place that into a new file and see if it works.