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    Import All HTML Files from Help Project into RoboHelp?

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp HTML 9 and am fairly new to the product.


      Our company is customizing the software from a large enterprsie vendor. The online help for this software needs to be updated to reflect the customizations to the software.


      Our company has an internal UX group that typically manages this documentation work. We need to retain and control the source files for our ongoing needs.


      However, the vendor doesn't want to provides us with their source files to modify the help system (although they are willing to customize the online help for a substantial fee).So we have decided to recreate the online help.


      We have a copy of their existing help system that ships with the software. That is, we have the HTML files that were output by whatever authoring solution they used (I believe it may have been RH).


      I am aware that I can import HTML pages into an existing project. But is there anyway to import all the HTML files from a help system into RH in a way that would at least give me a framework to recreate and customize it. Or is my best bet to start from scratch and recreate the help system page by page in RH?


      Thanks in advance for your help.