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    Adobe TV messes up my Mac broadband connection

    Garry Bradley Level 1
      Apologies if this is in the wrong thread area but I presume Adobe TV is based on AIR and therefore of some relevance.

      I've been running into a problem running Adobe TV on my iMac 2.8GHz under OS X 10.5.2 and recently 10.5.3.
      I specifically went there to run though a Dreamweaver tutorial a couple of days ago and then today to look at info on the new CS4 Beta. The video starts running and then 30 seconds or so into it my broadband connection completely cuts off and I have to totally restart my router to get internet connection back.

      I'm running a BT hub in the UK but I wondered if anyone else has had this happen on a Mac? It runs fine emulated in Parallels under Vista so it seems to be Mac OS specific.