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    PLEASE HELP!! Weird screen glitch in After Effects CS5.5?!? (Windows 7)


           I was editing some videos in the trial of After Effects CS5.5, and I went to render something in full screen (I've been using it for two weeks now, and i've rendered in full screen before) and suddenly a bunch of error messages started popping up,and After Effects closed out. Now every time I open After Effects, its like the screen zooms in: I can't see my taskbar or my tools for after effects, or anything on the edges at all. Production Premiere and everything else works fine, but After Effects is always like this now. I've searched all the help centers, and google, and youtube, and I've found nothing. I also tried unistalling and reinstalling the Master Collection trial but it still came up in full screen.



      PLEASE HELP I only have 12 days left on trial and I'm trying to finish one last video.