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    Importing PPT to Captivate is causing Captivate to Crash


      Hello Smart Folks,


      I am have been successfully converting several lengthy PPT presentations to Captivate and now suddenly one is not working.  I begin from the start screen (create new...from PPT), which then opens PPT, goes through a bunch of processes and ends up with a screen where you choose which slides you want to import.  This one presentation, not any different in length from the others to my knowledge, causes Cp to freeze on that last screen (screenshot attached).  That is to say, it goes through the same lengthy import/conversion process of each slide before it freezes on that box.  When it gets to that box, it doesn't matter where I click - I have to force quit Captivate in order to move on.  The PPT file is stored locally.  I have tried others and they still work.  Am I missing something?  Oh, I am on a Mac with Cp version 5.5, PPT 2008.




      Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 10.40.11 PM.png