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    Soap calls over SSL (https), Windows 7 64 bit and windows security patch KB2618444 causing failures

    G Keith

      Hi All,


      I'm having a problem that has only cropped up yesterday. In my application we have numerous SOAP calls back to the server. All these SOAP call run over https, please note this problem only occurs over https, http is fine. These calls have started failing after windows security patch KB2618444 was installed. The problem exists in I.E. (version 9 current) and in Chrome (version 16 current), Firefox (version 9  current) is fine. Uninstalling windows security patch KB2618444 fixes the problem in I.E., Chrome is still broken, I am continuing to investigate why this is still broken.

      The SOAP calls arew being made, reaching the server however they appear to be corrupt somehow (haven't figured out what/why they are corrupt, still fight to decode the stream with Wireshark)


      If anyone has any idea why/what/how to fix this/who's bug this is please let me know. This is a critical issue


      Thanx in Advance


      Please find a copy of the SOAP call below:


               var enc:SOAPEncoder = new SOAPEncoder();

                        var soap:Object = new Object;

                        var message:SOAPMessage = new SOAPMessage();

                        enc.wsdlOperation = operation;

                        soap = enc.encodeRequest(args,headers);


                        message.body = soap.toString();


                  var inv:AsyncRequest = new AsyncRequest();

                  inv.destination = super.destination;

                  //we need this to handle multiple asynchronous calls

                  var wrappedData:Object = new Object();

                  wrappedData.operation = currentOperation;

                  wrappedData.returnToken = token;



                            var dcs:ChannelSet = new ChannelSet();

                                  dcs.addChannel(new DirectHTTPChannel("direct_http_channel"));

                            inv.channelSet = dcs;


                  var processRes:AsyncResponder = new AsyncResponder(processResult,faultResult,wrappedData);