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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Crashes at transitions.

    Jerry Plemons

      I am running Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit) on a laptop with 4 gig of memory.  I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premier Elements 10.  I'm a beginner with this particular software.  For some reason, maybe because it is a trial version, the application crashes after just a few selections of items to work with.  It is generally when I add a transition between video clips.  When I try to play the video, it crashes at the transition and Windows closes the application.  Once I reload the application and try to play the video segment, it plays through the transitions ok. 


      I'm a very long time Photoshop user (since v5.5) and wanted to add this application.  I'm trying it out to see if it fits my needs.  So far, it crashes too often.  Can someone help?  Why is this application crashing?