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    Scripting workaround for activeTool bug?

    groove25 Level 4

      I'm working on several scripts in Fireworks 8 and trying to set the active tool to the Brush tool using the following command:


           fw.activeTool = "Brush";


      The problem? It doesn't work. The Brush properties will appear in the Properties inspector, but the previous tool remains selected in the Toolbox, and the cursor freezes when it's moved over the document window/canvas area (but is fine outside this area). Switching to another open application and then switching back to Fireworks will fix the cursor freeze and "jog" the tool fully into Brush mode. Alternatively, selecting another tool from the Toolbox and then re-selecting the Brush tool will clear up the issue. But none of this helps in terms of creating a workable script.


      Is anyone else aware of this problem? Can someone suggest an alternative way to set the active tool to Brush via script?


      Incidentally, several other tools exhibit similar problems with the activeTool property: The Pencil tool (like the Brush tool) throws an error, while the Eraser and Blur tools simply have no effect whatsoever. The remaining tools—Pointer, Marquee, Line, Paint Bucket, etc.—seem to work fine.


      FOLLOW-UP: This problem remains in Fireworks 11 (CS5), exactly as described above.


      activeTool error message for Brush.png