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    Less quality after export Pemiere Pro CS5




      I have made some nice tracks on my snowboard holiday. I want to make a movie of that. I tried this in Final Cut, but when someone recommended Premiere Pro to me I was definitely convinced of Premiere Pro. The movies are taken in 720P 60FPS. Someone told me as a sequence I had to choose HDV720P 30 FPS. Because when I do a slomotion of 50% it stays 30 FPS. So I started a sequence in HDV720 30 FPS. I made the first few minutes and tried to export it. I choose the option H.264 in High Quality HDTV720P 29,97 as an export file with no changes. When I watch the exported file in the same program (VLC) and compare the same shot of the real movie to the exported one there is really less quality. I was wondering why is there less quality and what is the best to choose to get the same quality as the real movie?


      Hope you can help me out.


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