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    'Select printer' is not operative in Reader X


      The printer selection doesn't change in the Print dialoge window unless you first change your printer selection, then click on 'Properties'. Other settings in the Print dialoge window also won't change unless you first click on 'Properties'. This was a big step backward for Reader X.

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          Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

          Dear user,


          Could you be more specific with the reported issue as we are not able to reproduce the issue mentioned by you?



          Atul Agarwal

          Adobe Systems

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            We are experciencing the exact same problem with Adobe X (10.1.1). When you go to print a PDF file but want to change to a different printer, the dropdown box shows the printer you have chosen but the model description doesn't change so when you print it goes to the current printer. Several people have tried this on the same PC and get the same problem. You shouldn't have to click on properties for the printer selection to change! Any ideas please would be welcome.




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              I have the same problem with version X reader and std when selecting the printer using the first character of the printer name.  For example, I used to be able to press 'H' for HP1 printer, and the document would print to HP1 - can't do this with X as the previous user indicated without clicking on the Printer Properties button (using the mouse) first. It's not an issue IF I use the dropbox to select the printer. It is as if the print dialog box does not recognize any input from the keyboard, only the mouse.  Please fix this!