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    Half of The Audio Is Lost!!?





      Please check out the image and tell me what is wrong? I import the clips and when I view them or put them in the timeline the audio chopped in half.

      The problem is with 3,566 video clips!


      The original video is working fine and the audio is in full length.




      Im on a deadline and I'll appreciate a quick solution.



      Im working on an iMac 27" i7 3.4 16GB RAM

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Where exactly did you get the clips?

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            Husam12 Level 1

            I shot them, 15 shooting days using 5d MkII 25fps

            I tried several sequence presets but nothing worked

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              Jim_Simon Level 9



              Did you copy the entire contents of the card over to your hard drive first?

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                Husam12 Level 1

                Yes I have, I transferred all the rushes to the internal hard drive and imported from there.


                and I just transferred them into a Fire Wire external and they imported and worked without problems!


                Does this mean that my internal hard drive is faulty?



                Thanks for your concern.

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                  BVX3001 Level 1

                  I've seen this occasionally on my Windows CS5, but the audio always came around. It could have to do with the .cfa files created by the audio conforming process. WIth that many files, conforming could take a long time and if you immediately try to access a file at the end of the queue it wouldn't be ready yet. Watch the yellow bar in the lower right corner for the conforming progress.  It might also just need a restart of Premiere or a system reboot, but I suppose you might have already tried that. You could also try creating a new sequence using a different audio sample rate to see if that has any effect.

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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    Ditto on BVX's reply... Is the audio actually not there, or just the wave form showing up as not there? When I import lots of files at once I'll often get some that show up with no waveform even though audio is there. Sometimes the waveform shows up eventually, other times it doesn't. If I need to do edits based on audio, it can be a pain to edit without a waveform sometimes, but I can usually work around it.


                    If the audio itself is missing, and not just the waveform, then there's something else wrong, but it still could be an issue caused by trying to conform so many clips at once. Dump your previews and manually go into the directories where the files are and delete the .cfa and the .pek files and then re-open your project and let it sit and conform until it's done before you do anything else...

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      To add to David's suggestions, if you clean the media cache database from Edit/Preferences, close the project and restart PR and load the project again, the indexing, conforming and creation of peak files will restart. Let it run its course and only after this has finished, start editing. That can do the trick.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        As others have observed, this very often happens, when the Conforming process has not completed. While not the only possibility, it is the major cause. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.


                        Also, Harm's information is worth taking note of.


                        Good luck,



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                          Husam12 Level 1

                          thank you all, problem is solved all thanks to you!





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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            You are most welcome, and glad that things are handled. This most often happens, when one click+drags the Clip to the Timeline, when Conforming is on-going.


                            With slower machines, doing almost any editing, while Conforming is on-going, can hang the program, or even crash the computer.


                            Good luck,