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    Sony Reader

      • ADE doesn't autodetect Sony Reader PRS-T1 when ADEont Reader launches as it is supposed to. ?
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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Several people have been having the same problem with the T-1.  It's on the

          Supported Devices list, so it should work.


          The only thing I can think of is that, when I registered my SONY PRS350, I

          could choose to obtain ebooks elsewhere.  There was a step in the process

          that let me do that.



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            I'm having the same exact problem, my PRS-T1 doesn't show up in the Bookshelf column. Doesn't matter in which order I do it. Connect first and launch, or launch first and then connect. The system recognizes it fine but if I can't connect through ADE I can't move content to the Reader. Annoying as hell.

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              edline2245 Level 1

              I contacted Sony help and got through to an online assistant who was very helpful. He set up Sony reader on my pc so that it recognized my eReader so that it is able to move any content from any source to the eReader from my pc. I think ADE doesn't fully support Sony eReader even though they say they do. I tried contacting Adobe but only got FAQs. If you want consultation you have to pay. Sony was very helpful and the solution is ok. Maybe Adobe will eventually get around to it. The Sony pc Reader is able to deal with permissions, which is also the point of ADE.


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                Kumabjorn2 Level 1

                What was the solution?

                I'm very curious, because Windows recognize it as a connected USB mass storage device, but ADE doesn't.

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  My SONY ereader shows an entry in its ID file that shows an Adobe ID.  It

                  attaches just fine.  My other ereaders also show an entry for an Adobe ID -

                  and attach just fine.  The registration process I went through with SONY

                  included a question about whether I wanted to obtain ebooks from other

                  sources, and I answered 'yes'.  It works with Adobe, so, logically, I am

                  wondering if the T1's you're having trouble with are set to 'SONY Reader

                  Store Only' (my generic term) and won't let you download ebooks via ADE....



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                    edline2245 Level 1

                    I am not 100% sure what the solution was.  He did it via remote desktop and it was hard to follow.  One of the things was to make sure the pc was authorized with adobe. I had given the eReader to my wife, and she registered it with kobo using her email. When attaching it to my laptop, I initially used my Adobe ID and that may have confused it. I know you can have multiple accounts but wasn't really trying to do that. One of the things we did was to make sure all the accounts were using the same email address/ID and possibly even the same password. At one point a window came up saying that the eReader was authorize to my pc. I think books from other sources have to be impored using the Import on the File tab of the pc Reader. Then use the Sync feature of the pc Reader to load it on the Sony Reader. If you have ADE on the pc, it picks them up on the download (at least it did from Kobo) and stores them in the Download file under My Digital Editions, which is where you import from. Books from the Reader Store seem to go directly to the pc Reader. Books that were authorized using the former ID were dealt with seperately but I don't know how.


                    Someone in this thread also suggested to check with Sony registration that the Reader is not set to Reader Bookstore Only. I will check that on mine too.

                    Hope this helps. It has been frustrating and has used up a lot of time. But I guess it has been a learning experience.


                    One thing I do have to say for Sony, is that they were very helpful. I was connected to an online assistant within 10 minutes of going to their website. Maybe I was just lucky, but I was impessed nevertheless.




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                      edline2245 Level 1

                      Thanks I will try that.


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                        I had the same problem and have spent the past 2 days trying to get a couple of epub books I purchased from Diesel books onto my Sony Reader (PRS T1).  I had a call in with the book company, a ticket opened with Sony but was going around in circles.  My computer was recongnised by ADE, my reader said it was authorized to read and purchase Adobe DMI content but ADE would not recognize my reader (I unsinsalled/reinstalled, tried many combinations of pluging the device in and then opening the program...) I was about to give up when I tried one last shot and downloaded Calibre (calibre-ebook.com/download) and within 10 minuites I had the 2 books I purchased on my Reader!!!  Very easy to use and it works!!!

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                          I am having the same issue with my PRS350 and have no other ereaders (my JetBook died thanks to Adobe epub); last time I plugged it into my computer, it worked just fine. Today, the PC finds it but ADE does not. The Reader Store hasn't syned with it in months and I just do not have the stamina to go around with yet ANOTHER 'help' desk. I'm wondering it it isn't ADOBE yet again,

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                            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                            Don't blame Adobe - ADE has run successfully in thousands of situations.

                            The '.epub' format is a standard in the industry, and every ereader I've

                            heard about can handle that format successfully.  If an ebook was

                            transferred to your JetBook and the ereader 'died', then it's the ereader,

                            not the Adobe epub.   And that does happen occasionally, especially when

                            the offshore electronics hit the real world of ereaders whose owners

                            actually use them often....


                            The SONY is another story.  I have a PRS-300, and it's functioning well.

                            Let me suggest that you go over the sequence with me again.


                            Plug the SONY into your computer, and make sure that the computer

                            recognizes it (which you say it does).  For assurance, take a look at your

                            computer's disk drives using a utility program like Windows Explorer (NOT

                            Internet Explorer) and see what drive letter was assigned.  Then click on

                            that drive letter, and you should see the files and folders on your SONY.

                            If this works, you're connected and we have a software issue.


                            Then, start ADE.  Recognition by ADE should be automatic - and the PRS-350

                            should show on its screen that it's talking to ADE (which you probably saw

                            before).  If this is not happening, then I'd ask whether or not you've had

                            any software updates to the computer lately - not ADE, but operating




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                              pmrx06 Level 1

                              Actually, it was something Adobe did that caused my JetBook to become a brick. Ectaco explained it to me, but I'm not enough of a tech to have gotten the details, and, of course, by now I no longer remember them.


                              Yesterday I did contact Adobe Help Chat and he explained how to get my Sony to work with ADE. However, it still won't work with Reader software because I had to change my Adobe password and cannot... oh, heck, never mind.



                              I am going to be content to read paper until the DRM posturing and formatting machismo falls to the wayside and we can read rather than research. But thanks for contacting me--I do appreciate it and will save your email for the next time ADE and I have a falling out.


                              Hope you're having a great weekend.

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                                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                I had to smile at your response.  Third level vendors such as Ectaco can

                                attempt to be compatible with the rest of the world, and sometimes they

                                succeed.  But it takes resolve and staffing to do it so it works all the

                                time every time.  These vendors may or may not have those resources, and if

                                it doesn't work, they're quick to blame somebody else for holes in their

                                emulation software, device electronics and so on.  That's the risk that

                                folks run when they buy electronics from off-brand sources.  In addition

                                (mini-soapbox mode on), the ereader market has morphed into applications

                                that run on Android devices, rather than dedicated ereaders, although those

                                dedicated ereaders haven't gone away.  The app vendors just tell you that

                                you can read ebooks on your device, and don't fill in the dots with

                                directions on how you do that.  There are more than a few posts to the

                                forum each month from a frustrated user that really doesn't have much

                                information on how to do what they need to do to get those ebooks onto

                                their devices. (mini-soapbox mode off)


                                Adobe hasn't 'done' anything to upgrade or change its ADE software for more

                                than three years, so if your old ereader failed during that time, it would

                                be difficult to find out what really went wrong.  And since you're in the

                                SONY world now, does it really matter?


                                Speaking of SONY, I found that I had to have my PRS ereader registered with

                                SONY AND have the Reader Library software installed on my computer in order

                                for it to work with ADE - your guess is as good as mine as to what SONY

                                does that makes this necessary.  Did you by chance move the Reader Library?