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      I have purchased a book from google but it appears that having paid for ti it's not mine and I have to jump through a load of hoops designed by Adobe to frustrate my right to access the text on my Ebook. I have tired to comply with this nonsense to no avail having been through the authorisation loop about 20 times and just getting


      E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 2012-01-06T09:55:26-08:00%20(1325872526000)%20is%20before%202012-01-13T09:24:57-08:00%20( 1326475497706)



      and yes I have checked the time on the computer now and when I purchased it .I am not sure about the time zone this may have been out but its hardly likely.


      This system is almost akin to Fraud .I think I have every right to expect to get a PDF or an Epub file when I buy one !!!!!   not a link to some arcane site that decides whether I,m allowed to view what Ive purchased or not.

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Did you check the date.  The time that the activation server is complaining about is one week earlier (Jan 6th) than the current time (Jan 13th).

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            PATTHORN2 Level 1

            So does that mean that unless you transfer the file at the time you buy it you are screwed? I have a receipt for the purchase so surely as long as  don't do it several times(copywrite) I can do it when I like?

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              PATTHORN2 Level 1

              So should I " frig " the current time and date of my computer to enable me to process the file that allows me to access a " key " that would enable me to gain acces to a file that I bought in good faith?   

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                PATTHORN2 Level 1
                                                  Order date: Jan 12, 2012 11:16:38 PM                
                                                  Google order number: 14548820702893835747.0000004895629758              
                                   Qty                                 Item                                  Price                             
                1                                                                    The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas                -                 Google eBook                                                                £4.99 GBP                            
                                                                          (Includes VAT of £0.93 GBP)               
                                              Cart Total:                              £4.99 GBP                            


                       Paid with: VISA xxx-3927      


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                  PATTHORN2 Level 1

                  Please note the date of the invoice!

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                    Jim_Lester Level 4

                    That most likely came from a server, not your computer.  It is own you computer that it is likely that your date is off by a week.

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                      PATTHORN2 Level 1

                      I have managed finally to authorise my PC and My E-Book by playing around with the dates and zones etc. Thank you for your assistance in this matter .The file will not open in the E-Book unfortunately but I suspect thats a different problem and not Adobes.