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    Exporting clips back into organiser

    Purple Wylo

      Hi Everyone,


      Can I start by saying that since I started working with Premiere Elements 10 a mere 2 weeks ago and this forum has been a font of knowledge.


      I am putting together some videos of my friend and I passing with juggling clubs, which we do by setting up a camera on a tripod and leaving the camera to record the resulting chaos (Organised of course). As a result, I have a lot of material to sift through for several different movie projects.


      Once split up, I want to be able to export each of the little sections of video to organiser, where I can sort them into categories, making the final movie creation a lot slicker, creating a bank of material for future use and resulting in only having to split the 8 hours of footage once.......and there are a lot of splits!!


      I have tried copy and pasting into a new project, but it doesn't like that, the export is greyed as it is video and after reading a post somewhere else, I have hunted, without sucess for a "reveal in media" button, but can only find "reveal in project".


      Can anyone help please