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    Snippets and Variables

    bluejays47 Level 1

      I'm asking this, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer to my question is probably "no." But... doesn't hurt to ask, right?


      My situation is this: I've got a feature in the software I'm documenting that shows up in two separate places. The features are 99% the same in these places, with subtle tweaks based on location and labeling. Now, I know that with snippets, I can re-use chunks of text in various topics, with the snippet acting as a single-source chunk of text that, when modified, will modify the topics in turn.


      However, in the case I detailed above those subtle differences mean I can't use the exact same text in both places-- only 99% of it. It seems to me that I should be able to drop variables into my snippets; when I drop the snippets into my topics, I can then define the variables as I see fit. The "user defined variables" feature in RoboHelp isn't quite what I'm looking for; they seem to be more like smaller version of snippets.


      So, is there a way for me to use snippets in multiple topics, but to adjust those snippets between topics? Or am I going to have to abandon the snippets dream entirely?