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    Could someone edit this?

    Graphical Adobe 15

      I need to edit an After Effects file (.aep) but the project, for a charity, needs to be completed by the weekend. However, I am unfamiliar with After Effects as most of my work is with Photoshop, Maya, etc. I just need someone to change the colours of various layers in the file, which was the template of a previous presentation, edit a few basic layers and, possibly insert video clips/render the file. However, if someone can offer to edit the text layers, change colour, I can render the file and try to edit the rest in a program I am comfortable in. I was wondering if anyone could do that. Thanks.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Tell us more about the project. Who is it for. It's awfully late to be asking. I've been on a simple project (relatively) for about 7 hours now. Something like you're describing could take 10 minutes or 10 hours. Maybe someone would be willing to donate some time to the charity, maybe not.

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            Graphical Adobe 15 Level 1

            The project uses the Tritone Business Template and I require the yellow colouring of the project to be 'Metro Blue'. Also, I need someone to edit the titles and put a zoom and pan effect on each of the slides (eg. will zoom to box which states "Image or Video Here"). I have prepared various video clips, with a 'Metro Blue' background colour, for each slide which need to be inserted into the template. The presentation is for the Royal Institution, charity number 227938, on a lecture/course to develop young pupils thinking/analytical skills. Thanks.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should be able to just replace all of the places in the project where you're supposed to place "image or Video here" by simply selecting that layer in the timeline and then selecting the replacement footage from the Project Panel and holding Alt/Option while you drag the footage from the Project Panel to the Timeline. That will take you about 2 minutes.


              If the template was designed the way I'd design it all you have to do to change color of the solid layer is to select that layer in the timeline, go to Layer>Solid Settings (Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + Y) and change the color. Make sure that the box that that says Affect all layers that use this solid is checked. If it were my template everything would change with one click.


              Editing the titles is just a matter of selecting the Title in the Timeline, double clicking it, and typing in the new text.


              You should be able to do it. Unfortunately I can't today. I've got barely enough time to answer this post.