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    Examples of movies

    thomasjv Level 1

      Hi everone,


      half a year ago one of my friends showed me some video's he made using Adobe Premiere. I actually was impressed and from that moment on I started filming and editing my own videos. Since then I made some of a holiday, some events and so on. All the time the video that my friend showed me was a big inspiration and I kind of "guide" for me and I took it as expample how to make a nice film. I now came to the point I'm getting more handy filming and editing and I need some further inspiration. Here comes my question. We speak here on this webstite about how to technicly edit video's, what PC you need, problems with the instalation and so on, but I can't anywhere find any videos for inspiration.


      My point is, I just want to ask if anybody has somewhere his videos published, or knows some place where are videos published, so I can take a look and wider my point of view, get some inspiration, take the good as a example and make my videos in the future better.


      I would appriciate any suggestions. Thanks (I hope I'm understandable :-)) Thomas