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    Passing parameters into Director. Is this possible? Experience with Multipoint?

    czigany Level 1

      I am using Director for a series of educational applications. I have a single projector (startup) where students can click on their names. When a name is selected, the startup projector consults a database to determine which educational projector should be launched. Based on the results in the database, I'm using the Buddy baRunProgram call to launch the appropriate Director projector. Right now, I'm using a text file to record the student's progress as they work their way through the educational projector. This all works great for a single user on a single computer.


      However, I am having a problem with a customer who is using Microsoft Multipoint. Using Multipoint, there are several students running the startup program from the same location. As a result, the text file is recording all students' progress instead of a single student's progress. The startup projector knows which student is active but the individual educational projectors do not currently have this information. I could identify a single student to the educational projector by passing in a parameter. First, is this possible? If so, how would one do it?


      Short of passing a parameter, is there another method that would work to accomplish the same thing?


      Does anyone else work in a Multipoint environment? I'm interested in others' experiences with Multipoint.