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    Rollover Issues

      Im trying to figure out why my canvas rollovers look so terrible and sometimes get stuck in their respective states. When the rollovers occur they look awful and appear to blink and worse sometimes they don't rollout if you move the mouse to quickly. An example of my methods are below, any advice on a better way to do this would be great.

      private function playOver(e:Event):void {
      buttonPlay.setStyle("backgroundImage", "play_roll.png");
      private function playOut(e:Event):void {
      buttonPlay.setStyle("backgroundImage", "play.png");

      <mx:Canvas id="buttonPlay" backgroundImage="play.png" useHandCursor="true" buttonMode="true" width="18" height="20" top="29" left="20"></mx:Canvas>
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          slaingod Level 1
          You might want to try adding mouseChildren="false" and see if that helps. That said, I have seen Flex's event dispatcher/processing get overwhelmed, but that was at 100's of events per second (using FZip to open a bunch of zipped thumbnails).