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    Text box determines text alignment


      I have a book design project where a long section (300 pages) is designed with two sets of running text.  The "primary" text runs in a large column (about two-thirds of the page width (inside the margins of course) -- this column is placed on the left side of the left page and the right side of the right page.  This text is left justfied. The other text (called the "citation" text) runs in a separate column placed inside (i.e. toward the spine) the primary text -- so the citationo text on the left page is to the right of the primary text, on the right page it is to the left of the primary text.  This text is currently aligned right (ragged left) throughout the book.  See the attached sample spread.


      Now for the tricky part:  The design requires that the citation text be alighed left on left pages and right on right pages.  Please note, this is running text, so some paragraphs will unavoidably cross from left to right pages.  In order to avoid having to all the righ-page text paragraphs using the paragraph panel (or using a style) I would like to be able to tell the text to (automatically) align left or right depending on the which (left page or right page) text box it "finds" itself. 


      Is that possible, and if so, how.  Any help is gratefully appreciated.  Kirk


      Chron layout.png

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In the indents and spacing setting for the paragraph styles open the alignment drop down and select “away from spine”





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            Mary Posner Level 3

            It's do-able, but right off-hand I can't think how to deal with the grey bars and the text in them flipping from one side to the other.


            On how to handle the citation text, I'd experiment with anchored text boxes, and set the positioning relative to the spine. That would flip it when it moves onto a facing page. It'd be a pain in the patoot to set up for a 300 page document, but probably no worse than having to flip those manually every time you have a text re-flow.

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              Kirk0522 Level 1

              Bob,  You're brilliant.  I'm a dunce.  I set up the paragraph style and it certainly works just like you said (why didn't I see that in the drop down menu?)


              Now my problem is that all the "citation" paragraphs have to line up with the "primary" paragraph that they cite.  All this spacing has already been done (using a combination of hard returns and "space after" for fine adjustments.)  When I apply the "Away From Spine" style the hard returns remain but all the "Space After" settings are dumped and the whole alignment is thrown off for the whole book.  So -- is there a way of applying this style without losing any of the current overrides (namely the Space After settings)?  Kirk

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                Kirk0522 Level 1

                Yo Bob,  I've anwered my own question.  I'm so lame.  There is an alignment option right in the paragraph panel that changes the alignment to "away from spine" and does not drop any of the "space after" overrides.  I'm stoked !!! 


                Thanks again.  You're my hero (well, for today at least).  Cheers,  Kirk 

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                  Bo LeBeau Level 4



                  Chronology of Babylon 5. . .


                  It's been a long time. It is amazing how the narrative threads were woven throughout the series.

                  Thanks for the memory!

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                    Kirk0522 Level 1

                    Hi Bo,


                    The entire 300+ page book "Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5" will be available at Cafe Press (cafepress.com) in a couple of weeks.  Spread the news.