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    After Effects Presets


      I am trying to add an animation preset to some text in AE but it gives an error message saying the preset files are not compatible. I am browsing the presets in Bridge and trying to initiate them from there but I also tried to access them straight from AE but the result was the same. Anyone have any thoughts on how to rectify this or know of a patch file or similar that I need to install? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm a student and the project I am working on is due in a few days.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure that your text layer is selected in the timeline and the CTI is set to where you want the effect to begin. Then browse animation presets or pick an animation preset from the Effects and Presets Panel. Double click in Bridge to apply the preset. Double click in the Effects and Presets Panel or drag the preset to the text layer to apply.


          If you have no text layer selected in the Timeline, double clicking a Text Animation Preset will give you a new text layer with the default Adobe After Effects text. If you have a shape layer or another footage layer nothing will happen.


          If none of these techniques make sure that you're running the latest updates, and that you've reset your preferences. Only a few of the presets will generate an incompatible file error when the wrong type of layer is selected.