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    Editing & monitoring 3 videos synchronously - Help!


      Hi there,


      I am undertaking a video project which will require three different videos to be projected onto three screens, with all three synchronised to one audio track.


      To edit the project I was hoping to set up a computer with three monitors and edit/view all three tracks simultaneously, so I can see how they are working together.


      Is this possible with Premiere Pro CS5.5?


      And will this affect my system requirements?


      I need to purchase a new computer & software that will have the capacity to do this before I can trial Premiere as my current computer is too old to handle the task, so any advice would be much appreciated!


      FYI I am using 1080 50p HD video from a Panasonic prosumer camera (HDC TM700) and 1080 30p video from an HD Hero2 camera.


      The videos will be up to 5 minutes in length.


      I have been given this set-up quote from a computer store in Sydney, Australia.


      Intel Core i7 Processor I7-2600 - 3.4GHz

      Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 (Mainboard)

      Cooler Master RC335U x/700W PSU

      8GB Memory

      3 x 1TB Serial ATA Hard Drives

      2 x nVidia GeForce GTX550


      Any feedback on whether this will do the job would also be appreciated. After reading the Forum discussions on hardware and minumum suggested/practical specifications I am wondering whether this may be too far on the "Budget" side for the use I am intending?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          For editing that material, I would double the memory to 16 GB and add 1 or 2 HDD's. The problem with your workflow is the synchronized start of the three projectors. If you use two projectors without sound, and only one with sound, that problem is largely diminished. Your edit workflow is unclear to me. Why not edit with three PIP's and save the money on the second 550?

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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            What are you planning on using to project video onto three seperate screens?


            Premiere can create a video with multiple clips running synchronously, however, those clips are going to be in one "frame". Whether its a television, Theater screen, or your computer, the media is delivered in one active window. ( yes a pc can have multiple displays, but any video spanning the two monitors would just be stretched across them, in one active frame or media player window.


            Can you describe the hardware\software method that you intend on using specifically? Because the only thing I can think of that premiere can do for you to come near what you've described is a single HD video clip(file) with 3 clips playing synchronously within one frame.


            You might look into presentation technology to tackle this task, and use premiere as a simple editing tool.

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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              And for hardware, you only need one GTX, the other would be wasted as Premiere doesn't benefit from SLI.


              Memory too low, get 16 or 24 GB.


              My set up on which I do HD multicam with Cannon .mxf and AVCHD:

              Core I5 2500

              16GB memory

              GTX 560Ti

              Dual WD 73BG Rapters Raid 0 System drives

              1X2TB media drive

              Lot of fans and airflow

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                Fig&Honey Level 1

                Thanks for the speedy replies, Harm, Stephen, though I am a little confused because they appear to contradict each other.


                I was hoping to edit using three monitors with one video/frame on each, to simulate the effect three projectors will have on three walls of a room. The three monitors idea is more to allow me to see how it's going to be experienced by the viewer. Three pictures on the one monitor could be workable though, if not ideal.


                I definitely don't want to output three clips within the one frame as the three clips need to go to three separate projectors.


                Essentially, I want to be able to watch three separate videos at the same time, and to edit each video individually but synchronise edits across the three videos, ie so that even if they contain different vision, they  will cut to new shots simultaneously. Kind of similarly to how 3D works, except that this is dealing with three cameras not two, and is going to be output to three screens, rather than edited down to one screen.


                I guess I could edit the  videos one at a time but then I won't be able to see how they are working together, and edit them in relation to each other.


                I haven't got as far as researching the projection part yet. I was hoping the project acould finish up as three rendered video tracks in a laptop, slaved to the audio track, and then output video 1 to projector 1, video 2 to projector 2 and video 3 to projector 3.


                I realise this may be rather ambitious as I can't find any info on the net that discusses this kind of set up.


                When it comes to projection this probably does cross into the world of VJing or presentation. I'm not so worried about the projection part as I think there are ways to get around that, it's more the editing of three videos at once that I'm trying to solve, whether there is a way to do this in Premiere?


                Hope this explains a little more clearly?

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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  If you want to see all 3 videos at once you can reduce them in size to 50% and move them into each corner that way you can do your edits while seeing all the videos.  Then later once you have your final you can just resize them.


                  If you have 2 monitors you can have your second monitor display the project that way its larger to edit with.




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                    Stephen_Spider Level 3

                    Premiere has a multi-cam edit feature that will allow you to preview synched tracks (either single clips or edited sequences) at the same time. However it will not send the tracks to different monitors.


                    Without any third party options, Premiere is optimized for two monitors. Yes, with a second card you could customize Premiere's GUI over three screens by pulling tabs and widows apart, but there's no function to have separate synched clips or edits playing in separate windows, whether it 1 or 5 monitors.. The multi-cam is the only thing that approximates that, and that resides in a single panel.


                    When editing multicam, I set-up the display for the multi-cam panel to fill an HD monitor. I have either 3 or 4 synched videos in the panel.


                    You main tool for timing will be the time meter in the timeline window. You can have three separate sequence tabs in the timeline window on a single monitor. It would be easy enough matching edit timing from one sequence to another, then to preview all 3 synched sequences at once in the multicam panel in a second monitor.


                    The projection part.... I would work backward from there before you plan building an editing system to accommodate a project.

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                      Fig&Honey Level 1

                      Thank you very much guys, this is very helpful info. Appreciate your help.


                      It sounds like I should be able to edit the three easily enough.


                      When it comes to projecting them however, it sounds like I won't be able to do that out of Premiere? From what you've said Stephen, even if I have a video card with more than two outputs,  Premiere won't allow me to send three synchronised video sequences out three output ports?


                      With music  (which is more my world) I can set up three synchronised rendered audio tracks in a (Cubase) project and route them to three different output ports on a soundcard, which go as separate lines to a mix desk.


                      If I could do this with vision, it would be easy to send the three videos to separate projectors straight out of the video card.


                      I take it this is not currently possible with Premiere/video then? ie. You can't bus three rendered clips out via three ports of a videocard? Has anyone heard of software that can do this?