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    Application Page Based Help??

      I downloaded the trial version of RoboHelp and just started to explore its features

      I am wondering if I could use the RoboHelp to integrate the help into specific pages of the application. For eg., like in DotNetNuke where every button/input has a little help(question mark) button, which upon clicking opens a small pop up on top of it to display the help text.


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          Hi vmanne and welcome to our community

          This type of help is known as "What's This?" help. It has largely fallen out of favor with Microsoft. I believe with this type of help, you create a text based file (possibly in WinHelp format?) and link things that way. I don't believe it was ever fully implemented in the Compiled .CHM world, but I could be wrong about that. I also believe I've seen others post that it can be done with more fully featured HTML pages. But I further believe this person stated that the linking and whatnot was totally up to the developers to implement.

          Hopefully others with more experience in this realm will chime in here... Rick
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            I'm not familiar with DotNetNuke, so I don't know exactly what you are looking for. It sounds from your description that you are looking for standard context sensitive help, where a help button can be added to each dialog or page. The What's this? help Rick refered to is a toolbar button you can click and then point to an item to get a popup description.

            To add to what Rick said - What's this? help was available in compiled help but it has, as he said, fallen out of favor because developers often use tool tips - small, text only popups that appear with mouseover. These are implemented entirely within the application.

            Do you have access to RoboHelp's Help with the trial version? If it is the former (help buttons on dialogs) you want, look up "context sensitive help."