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    Selecting Footnotes en bloc

    ebenpublishing Level 1

      hi, i need to reformat all the footnes, i know that it should be done through paragraph style, but e.g. font size doesn't change throug it, or better said - it can be done through it if i overrode "local formatting" but then i would lost all the other parameter which i need to preserve as in original source text from Word. is it possibe to select all the footnotes en bloc, because each footnotes seems to be in its own frame...


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Perhaps it would be better if we could figure out a way that you don't need local formatting, by converting those things to proper character styles, so you can use your paragraph style to do your work properly instead of having to mess with each footnote separately.


          What sort of local formatting overrides are being applies that you need to preserve? Perhaps you'll find the information and script in this post useful: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/429756

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            ebenpublishing Level 1

            peter, i'm not sure if i undersand your reply right...


            i placed a text with footnotes from Word. i created a style for footnotes i want and in "Document Footnote Options" i set the style for footnotes acoordingly. everything in footnotes changed right except for the font size. the style for Footnotes i had created has now + in Paragraph styles, so it means that there's still some local formatting in footnotes which has been preserved from the original. Right? now the only possibility how to change the font size (and actually all the other parameters according to the created style for footnotes) is either  override local formatting by ALT+click in Paragrah style for footnotes (which would cause the loss of some parameters i need to preserve, italic in some words, to be concrete) or change the font size manualy but both these procedures require dealing with individual footnotes. so i don't know how to change the font size of footnotes en bloc      

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              Fred Goldman Level 3

              Search for your footnotes style ane replace with the same style. For example, if your footnotes are styled with the paragraph style "Footnote Text" then in the find/change dialog under find format choose "footnote Text" paragraph style and the same for change format. Then click change all. Make sure your find and change text fields are empty first.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                Fred, that will (a) accomplish what the OP asked for -- reset the font size -- but (b) also remove *all other overrides*, such as Italics. Hence, Peter's suggestion of fixating italics etc. first with the script he mentions. Yours is then the next step.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  In this case if all that needs to be preserved is italics, it's pretty easy to fix, even without the script (though I higly recommend using it). If yoou haven't already got a style that applies italics, and does nothing else, make one, else you can use your existing style, and do a simple GREP find/change for .+ and set the find parameters to the Footnote paragraph style and then go to text formatting and choose Italic. Change to $0 and set the change formatting to your italic character style. This is essentially just manually running one piece of the script.

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                    ebenpublishing Level 1

                    in fact, there are another parameters which i need to preserve - UPPERCASE. so far i haven't used GREP function nor any scripts (how are they used actually? ) i'm going to check the guide for the GREP tool...


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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      If that's the case, the script is a better bet. To use a script, you install it, then just double-click on it in the Scripts panel. To install, see How to install scripts in InDesign | InDesignSecrets