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    White Space and Import to Encore!

    carcleo Level 1

      Happy 2012!

      I have two doubts starter.

      In Encore:

      1) In the video, had to cut a piece of 3 seconds of video without hacking the audio track. It was an empty space between cuts. How do I fill out the empty space posr example, with an effect?

      2) Well, I made a video sequence with transitions, reservation of chapters and scenes and everything in Premier CS4 and would imnporar this project in Encore CS4 Premiere CS5 do not need to render (or not get it) video in Premiere (and lose the markings of the chapters).




      happy 2012

      Carlos Rocha

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is the Premiere Elements forum.


          Are you asking questions about Encore or Premiere CS5? There are forums for each of these products.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            See you in the Encore Forum.


            Now, Encore is an authoring program, and ALL editing should be done in PrPro first. Always feed Encore exactly what it wants - Assets to Transcode and author to a DVD. As of the CS2 Production Studio, there is ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link), that can go between PrPro and Encore. ADL has improved greatly, up through CS 5.5, getting better with each version. Still, one can Export from PrPro in either a 100% DVD, or BD-compliant file, and then Import that into Encore for the authoring. Whenever ADL does not work (usually Project-specific), we recommend doing things the "old fashioned way," of Export from PrPro and Import into Encore.


            Good luck,



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              carcleo Level 1



              I have not found a way to export to Encore from Premiere.


              Another thing is: With a video broken in two and a gap of 4 seconds between them, as I can, in Premiere, put an end (or transition) between them that lasts 4 seconds?


              The idea here is to remove an imperfection in the 4-second recording. However, I can not cut the audio. So the idea of putting effect between the cut parts of the video.    

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                carcleo Level 1

                These methods did not work.


                My difficulty is that there is a wedding song playing in the background. I can not cut it you know? This is what complicates the situation.


                So I thought I just cut the video and create a transition effect between the cuts go through the empty piece that was cut.

                But this is not possible because of the empty space between cuts.


                Other thing, saw in a wedding video, an effect where the guy is passing the video and then he freezes the screen, a little sound out of digital camera and then leaves a file (rotated) with borders on top of video by about two seconds and the video continues.

                How can I achieve this effect?

                What do you call this effect?     



                Not that I can not cut the audio using Unlink. But yes, I should not. For it is a background music and would be easy to notice that the audio was cut because the singer's voice. Do you understand?


                So is this: I need to cut a piece of video, without cutting the audio. So will a hole in the video I need to fill with an effect, transition, or else that the cut last time but let it be seen the part that was cut from the video.


                I tried putting a black video with a transition before and after him another and stretching transitions until they are in the middle of video black. But when I play the video, the black part of the video (in transition), the transition shows the part of the video was cut.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Yes, a Freeze Frame (either with, or without Effects) can act as a "Cutaway," to fill the gap in the Video.


                  Good luck, and happy editing,



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                    carcleo Level 1

                    I uninstalled K-Lite codec and now able to export from Premiere to Encore but I preferred to generate the same. Avi it's time to open the Encore but is fast.


                    Now I have another problem:


                    I have a main menu with a button to call up a menu of scenes.


                    In the scene menu, when I choose a scene,


                    Note: Mu movie is all in a single timeline markers separated by chapters.


                    the scene plays and when it ends, it instead to vote for the menu of scenes she advances to the next scene timeline.


                    I tried to configure overrite menu_cenas however to no avail.


                    What do I do?


                    Note: This occurred in the Encore Preview.


                    Will, if I generate the DVD files, solves this problem?    

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Look into Chapter Playlists for your Buttons. You can set each Chapter's End Action to Go To Menu, where you specify the Menu, and even which Button will be the default, say the next Chapter's Button. For a Play All, you will just do a Chapter Playlist, with your Chapters in the order that you want, and that Chapter Playlist will "override" the Chapter's End Action. Note: do NOT use physical Overrides! You will get an information message, telling you that the Chapter Playlist will cause the Chapter's End Action to not function, but that is just for information.


                      Good luck, and for Encore questions, there is a great, and very active Encore Forum.




                      PS - note that Encore cannot do Chapter Playlists for BD, but they are wonderful for DVD.