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    interactive Pen


      Hi all.


      I now make a DVD with interactive publications with InDesign and Acrobat for a client as follows:


      1. I make the layout in InDesign with the interactive part.

      2. Generating the PDF file and add the rest of interactivity.

      3. I make an ISO image to make a hybrid DVD (Mac and PC).

      4. From a Mac with Toast application, generate the DVD platform.


      This client is now asking me to do the same for a pen, but reserving a storage portion for reading and writing user pendrive.

      The part of reading and writing would be to add and delete files, but part of the application would read only.


      I wonder if this is possible and how it might.


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my English is not my native language.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I was hoping a regular Mac user would happen along and take a stab at this.


          As far as I know flash drives should work cross-platform, so you'll only need one partition for Mac and PC (I said "should" becasue some versions of OS X apparently refuse to read them at all from time to time -- my daghter ran into this on Tiger, but it has cleared itself up, apparently, so I don't know what the actual cause was, just that it wasn't isolated). I don't think, though, that there is any way to effectively make a partition read-only on a flash drive, nor have I ever actually tried to partition one, though I don't have any reason to believe it can't be done. Optical media is read only by its nature, but flash drives are writeable, and a user would be able to change the properties themselves.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            There are a couple of different ways to format flash drives. I think biggest disticntion is they are permitted to not have a partition table, though they can have one (and can therefore have multiple partitions). I've seen some devices behave differently (i.e. not work) depending on whether the drive was 1-partition (with a partition table) or no partition table. (I can't remember which one worked and which didn't).


            As for read-only, well, there are probably tricks, and it's a question of how hard an attacker would have to try to succeed...

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