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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 - Getting zebra stripes and media offline...yikes, help!

    mystickid Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I've been editing a promotional piece and most of my interview clips were sharp and nice except 5 had lots of video noise due to bad lighting. I right clicked on each clip and selected "replace with After Effects" to remove the noise with magic bullet denoiser in After Effects. I denoised the clip and did File> Save  Then File> close project. All was well for the first 3 clips. They dynamically linked to my open premiere pro project and were denoised.  Then, after denoising my 4th clip and choosing File>Save  as before, premiere pro now shows the clip with zebra stripes the footage can not be seen in the program monitor.


      Furthermore, the previous 3 denoised clips that were working fine and visible are now saying "media offline."   I right clicked in the project panel on the red-unlinked after effects .aep icon and chose "link media" and then selected the corresponding .aep file. But there are still zebra stripes and I cannot see the video.


      Do you guys know how I can fix this?