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    Keeping the soundtrack

    fresh squeezed art

      Is it possible to keep a video soundtrack while editing the images and not chopping up the sound?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional



          But how is adding images "chopping up the sound"?


          Have you tried holding down the Ctrl key (or the Cmd key on a Mac) as you add your images?

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            fresh squeezed art Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, Steve.  I don't have the software yet, and I'm not asking about adding images.  What I wish to do is keep a continuous soundtrack from the recording while editing out some of the visual recording.  This is not possible on things like Windows Movie Maker or the software that came with with my new hd camcorder.  I appreciate your insight.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              When you get the program, and are working in Timeline View Mode, you can "un-link" the Audio and Video, so that you will be, say editing ONLY the Video.To do that, just Alt+click (PC), or Option+click (Mac) on the Video Stream. [Unfortunately, PrE does not have Track Locking, like PrPro does, or you could easily just Lock your Audio Track. As it is, you just to unlink the Audio and Video Stream, and the above keystrokes will do that for you, plus automaticall re-link, when you are done.]


              I would also recommend looking over the linked resources in this ARTICLE.


              Good luck, enjoy and happy editing,