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    LiveCycle ES2.5 Evaluation Virtual Appliance trial


      Hello guys,


      I've just downloaded LiveCycle ES2.5 Evaluation Virtual Appliance trial and after a lot of struggling I manage to open Admin UI (http://yourIP:8080/adminui). I think that you should definitely add to the readme.pdf file:

      • In VMware network settings check the "replicate physical network connection state" if you can't login into Admin UI.
      • You also don't give user name\password.. so I had to search for it.. here it is: login: "atanaka" password: "password" (that's administrator and workbench account)
      • Add the correct link to Admin UI


      OK so I got it up and running (slowly but..) and I want to add Reader Extensions now using this help - I should navigate to Settings > Trust Store Management > Local Credentials however the problem is my Settings panel is empty -> there is absolutely no option to choose from. What I'm doing wrong? Also it says that my license expired 2 months ago.


      I would really appreciate any help here.