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    PEK files

    Dogminder Level 1

      I recently upgraded to CS5.5 and am suddenly finding my project folders littered with .pek files. They seem to appear whenever I import a file into a project.


      Can anybody tell me what they are, and how to stop them appearing.


      Is it safe to delete them?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          They are peak files and are automatically generated to be able to display audio wave forms in the time-line. You can't disable that and it is not advised to delete them, as you will no longer have waveforms in your time-line. Their location can be changed with the Edit/Preferences/Media/Media Cache options.

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            Dogminder Level 1

            Thank you Harm, wow that that was quick.


            I've just unticked the box about storing the files in the same location as the originals. Hopefully that will do the trick.


            Many thanks again.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Besides the PEK files, there will also be CFA (Conformed Audio) files, which will be larger still. They are necessary to edit the Audio portion of your files. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.


              Good luck,