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    FlashBuilder 4.6 won't install on Win7, 64bit or WinXP 32bit -- tried 4 different computers.

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      There seems to be something wrong with the Flashbuilder 4.6 installation for Windows. I've downloaded the installation 3 different times (the download completes successfully each time), and tried installing it on 4 different computers 3 with Windows 7, 64bit OS and one with Windows XP 32bit OS. It hangs every time on the same spot, when it is trying to extract the files for the installation. It says "A problem has occurred while extracting some files. It appears it's always after or on the "updateInventory.dll" extraction. The installation doesn't actually ever get a chance to start, it's failing on the extraction of the files to install.


      Install File: FlashBuilder_4_6_LS10.exe 806 MB (845,374,656 bytes)


      Does anyone have any ideas of how to work around this issue? I'm not sure that anyone with Windows could possibly use this product (trial or purchased) with this issue. (not a great release Adobe!)



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