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    After Effects CS5.5 crashes when selecting "Edit in Audition" (0::42)


      I was surfing around Adobe TV and watching a few tutorials when I decided to try out the edit in audition feature, except when I pulled up my project and selected "edit in audition" I got this error message:


           After Effects error: crash in progress. Last logged message was: <8136>

           <Dynamiclink> <5> 0000000019A79460


           After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. For After Effects

           help and support, go to http://www.adobe.com/support/aftereffects. If you still

           can't resolve the issue, please contact Adobe technical support (2).





      What I'm trying to import into Audition is really heavily edited and saved as an .aep, but when I do the same with an untouched .mov file it works fine. So maybe it's a limitation of Audition/After Effects? I don't know.

      Also, a couple of things have been installed since I started the project, and I read in a thread that might be the problem. But before I go deleting anything I want to make sure the same thing is happening to me.

      Aside from this, After Effects works just fine, and so far this is the only error I've gotten.


      My setup is

      Acer Aspire

      Windows 7 64-bit

      4GB RAM

      Intel i5 processor

      Adobe Production Premium